The 72 Angels of the Name

72 angels of the name

The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God by Baal Kadmon is an enlightening book that delves into the spiritual realm of angels and their connection to the divine. In this comprehensive book review, we will explore the profound teachings of Baal Kadmon and how he reveals the names and influences of these celestial beings. By understanding the 72 angels and how to call upon them, readers can tap into their guidance, protection, and divine wisdom. Join us on a captivating journey as we explore the depths of this insightful book.


The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God by Baal Kadmon

The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God is a remarkable work that sheds light on the angelic forces that surround us. Baal Kadmon, a respected spiritual author, provides readers with an in-depth understanding of these celestial beings and their significance in various spiritual traditions. Through meticulous research and personal experience, Kadmon uncovers the names and attributes of the 72 angels, offering a comprehensive guide on how to invoke and work with them for spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God by Baal Kadmon

Understanding Angels

The Significance of Names

The Power of Invocation

Angelic Influences in Different Traditions

Connecting with the Angels

The First Set of Angels

The Second Set of Angels

The Third Set of Angels

The Fourth Set of Angels

The Fifth Set of Angels

The Sixth Set of Angels

The Seventh Set of Angels

The Eighth Set of Angels

The Ninth Set of Angels

The Tenth Set of Angels

The Eleventh Set of Angels

The Twelfth Set of Angels

The Thirteenth Set of Angels

The Fourteenth Set of Angels

The Fifteenth Set of Angels

The Sixteenth Set of Angels

The Seventeenth Set of Angels

The Eighteenth Set of Angels

The Nineteenth Set of Angels

The Twentieth Set of Angels

The Twenty-First Set of Angels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Understanding Angels

Angels have long been a source of fascination and spiritual significance across cultures and religions. These celestial beings are believed to be messengers and intermediaries between the divine and human realms. They are often described as beings of pure light, embodying qualities such as love, compassion, and divine wisdom. In various spiritual traditions, angels are revered for their ability to guide, protect, and uplift individuals on their spiritual journeys.

The Significance of Names

In The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God, Baal Kadmon emphasizes the importance of names when it comes to angels. Each angel has a specific name that holds profound meaning and carries its unique vibrational frequency. Kadmon explores the significance of these names, explaining how they represent the essence and purpose of each angel. By understanding the names of the angels, individuals can establish a deeper connection with them and harness their transformative energies.

The Power of Invocation

Invocation is a powerful practice that allows individuals to establish a direct connection with the angels. Baal Kadmon provides guidance on the art of invocation, teaching readers how to call upon the 72 angels and seek their assistance. Through specific prayers, rituals, and focused intent, individuals can invite the angels into their lives, seeking guidance, protection, and spiritual growth. Kadmon shares various invocations, enabling readers to embark on a personal journey of angelic communion.

Angelic Influences in Different Traditions

Angelic influences can be found across diverse spiritual traditions. Baal Kadmon explores the presence of angels in different cultures and belief systems, revealing their universal significance. Whether it is the Judeo-Christian tradition, Kabbalah, or ancient mystical practices, the 72 angels are present, albeit known by different names. Kadmon highlights the similarities and connections between these traditions, providing readers with a holistic understanding of angelic influences.

Connecting with the Angels

Connecting with the angels is a deeply personal and transformative experience. Baal Kadmon guides readers on how to establish a profound connection with these celestial beings. Through meditation, visualization, and focused intention, individuals can open themselves to the angelic realm. Kadmon shares practical techniques and exercises that facilitate a stronger bond with the angels, allowing individuals to receive their guidance, support, and divine wisdom.

The First Set of Angels

In the book, The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God, Baal Kadmon begins by introducing the first set of angels. These angels hold specific attributes and offer guidance in various aspects of life. By exploring the names and influences of these angels, readers can tap into their energy and seek their assistance in matters such as love, healing, abundance, and spiritual awakening. The first set of angels sets the foundation for the transformative journey that unfolds throughout the book.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can anyone connect with the 72 angels mentioned in the book?

A: Yes, anyone can connect with the 72 angels. Baal Kadmon provides guidance and techniques that are accessible to individuals from all backgrounds and belief systems.

Q: What if I don’t know which angel to call upon?

A: Baal Kadmon offers suggestions and insights into the different qualities and attributes of each angel. You can determine which angel to call upon based on your specific intentions and areas of focus.

Q: Is it necessary to follow a specific religious or spiritual path to connect with the angels?

A: No, the practice of connecting with the angels is not limited to any particular religious or spiritual path. It is a universal practice that transcends boundaries and welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Q: Can the angels help with personal challenges and obstacles?

A: Yes, the angels are known for their ability to provide guidance, support, and assistance in various areas of life. They can help individuals overcome challenges, find clarity, and experience spiritual growth.

Q: How often should I invoke the angels?

A: The frequency of invoking the angels is a personal choice. Some individuals prefer daily invocations, while others invoke the angels during specific times or when they require guidance and support.

Q: Can the angels communicate directly with us?

A: Angels communicate with individuals through various means, including signs, synchronicities, intuition, and inner guidance. Developing sensitivity to these subtle messages can enhance the communication with the angels.


The 72 Angels of the Name: Calling on the 72 Angels of God by Baal Kadmon is an extraordinary book that unlocks the profound wisdom and power of angelic beings. Through Baal Kadmon’s meticulous research and guidance, readers can embark on a transformative journey of spiritual connection and growth. By understanding the names, attributes, and influences of the 72 angels, individuals can invoke their presence and seek their guidance, protection, and divine wisdom. Allow this captivating book to open the doors to the angelic realm and illuminate your spiritual path.